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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

See, The Thing About Laying Tile Is……

It’s more about the planning than the execution. 
If you want the tile to run from room to room seamlessly (and not end up with teeny tiny pieces along the walls or to fill in spots here and there) you have to PLAN.
You have to measure and calculate and do MATHS! Lots and lots of maths!
And then measure again, just to make sure your first measurements were correct.
It sometimes helps to draw it out on paper, but not always.
And NEVER, I repeat, NEVER try and explain to your spouse how you came up with your calculations.
At least that’s how it works in our house……
And because we’re using the same tile throughout the whole house, in order to lay it in the master bath we have to start it at the front door.
So that the pattern is consistent as it turns corners and goes into other rooms, because if you started in the bathroom and came around the corner into the living room it would lay out all cattywampus.
And we don’t want that.

I get it.

I really do, but oy, have I got a headache!


  1. Oh, why do I think there was an issue here!!!! lol.

    (did you end up cutting out a template sized piece and then drawing around it with a pencil all the way, to check - perhaps?).

  2. Let's leave hubby to it now...and we'll go see a movie. :)

  3. Cattywampus, lovely word. I leave all the math to Himself. or contractors if we end up going that route.

  4. I'm so glad it's not me dealing with this! Good luck!


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