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Friday, October 7, 2016

Renovation 101

Things you need to know before tackling a DIY home renovation project.

Brought to you by the friendly people at Casa “HOLY SH*T THIS PLACE IS A MESS!”

It will involve heavy duty machinery! (And it will be LOUD!)

With LOTS AND LOTS of dirt, dust and debris!

There will be stuff heaped up in EVERY ROOM!

There will be sparks! 

And massive amounts of insect feces!
We can only surmise this must have been from either a VERY large family of insects or possibly many generations of said insect family!!!!
And before you ask, no, it is NOT the dead insects themselves! 
Home renovation is FUN! 


  1. Your stuff is not heaped. I have never seen such tidy stuff.

  2. At least its an excuse not to do any dusting. It would just be a waste of time until the major work is over. Lol!

  3. it sure looks like fun .... ;-D


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