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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a left handed story…….

i’m left handed.
when i was about 7 years old i had a babysitter, mrs. winesap. she was a nice, older, grandmotherly type. but she had one little itty bitty hang-up.

she believed because i was left handed i was possessed by the devil. for real. and she felt it was her duty to save me from this fate worse than death.

this meant that every time i picked something up with my left hand (as left handers do) she slapped it out of my hand. my mother never knew how/why i broke her favorite water pitcher and my teacher didn’t understand why my handwriting was legible during school hours but illegible on my homework assignments.

i never did tell my parents about it, because in my 7 year old mind i was afraid she might be right!

February theme for the Sketchbook Challenge, 'Opposites' 

I just noticed this (and think it's way cool, but I'm easily amused) the back of the paper kind of looks like a watercolor? sorta, kinda......

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