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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I’m Having Too Much Damn Fun

I signed up for yet another Carla Sonheim class. Cats!

I’ve been overextended this month so I didn’t get around to it until yesterday.
I’ve only done lesson one so far and I didn’t really think much about it when I viewed the video.
Similar to her other classes I’ve taken.

Draw stylized cats.
Make watercolor ‘blobs’ and find cats in them.

So I just splattered around some paint and let it dry.

Went back in to ‘find’ the cats and……suddenly……here are these amazingly expressive characters. 
I don’t mean to toot my own horn (she says tooting her own horn) but I’m loving these three!
And as I was scanning them, these captions screamed to be included.

So here I sit, scanning and typing and giggling like mad. 

I’m easily amused.


  1. Oh, they are so cute and witty! An inspiring technique!

  2. oh how I love your cats and their captions! I too am easily amused though... (and I really love Carla's classes) Can't wait to see more cats ..... and captions.

  3. Lol....they are brilliant Robin. What a great colour too, and I love how it dried in all the right places.

  4. Those are great! I saw the posting about the class, but forgot to make a note to take it.

  5. I love them! Sounds like a perfect way for you to get creative again after being over extended. Did you know ArtSkool is having a play session (2 of them actually) starting soon?

  6. My three cats say that you've captured the essence of cats in your three cats! :-)

  7. oh, these are GREAT!! I really, really wanted to take this class. I mean, cats?? Right? But I just couldn't fit in one more thing. Hopefully she will offer it again.

  8. Love them! I'm going to take that class too--love her art, right up my alley (cat)!


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