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Friday, June 5, 2015

Index Card a Day

I'm participating in the ICAD (Index Card a Day) challenge this year. 
It runs through June and July for a total of 61 days.
(I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to stick to doing it though……..we all know what a short attention span I.....SQUIRREL!!)

You are challenged to create art on an index card every day for the two months.
Each week there are themes (a list of materials to use) and one word prompts to stir your imagination and get those creative juices flowing.
But both are totally optional.  

So far I’ve been following the prompts.
I’m not sure how long that will last……

One thing I do know, I will be spending the better part of my days on the ICAD Facebook page ‘liking’ all the luscious, wonderful art the group participants are posting!
There are close to 2,000 members!!!!!

Here’s what I’ve done so far this week.

The prompts were:  1-chevron 2-carnival 3-map 4-mailbox 5-owl 6-taxi
(A couple of these you might recognize from previous posts...but why reinvent the wheel, right?)


  1. I'm enjoying this ICAD challenge...although I only did one of the prompts so far ---that's because I was about three days in before I realised there were prompts! Love the ones you've done.

  2. Wow, you go, girl! I never heard of this challenge. Love the idea. I may just jump in

  3. Do it, CJ! It's been a lot of fun.

    I have to say…the participants are all doing an awesome job…but your art, Robin…is outstanding!

  4. I haven't joined in as I am not on Facebook but I know it is a popular challenge. I look forward to seeing what you do with them.

  5. great interpretation of the prompts!!! LOVE the carnival image!!


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