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Friday, November 20, 2015

I'm Just Screwing With Your Head.....

Husband doesn’t answer the phone…unless it’s family (and sometimes not even then.)
Which is why when the caller said he had spoken to him two weeks ago and Husband said to call back I was……skeptical.

I don’t usually answer the unidentified calls either. We screen our calls like Ninjas. But I was waiting for a particular call and wasn’t sure it would come in as an identified number so I answered.

Big mistake….HUGE, as Julia Roberts said.

I usually tell the callers that Husband  is dead….or I pretend to get all choked up and tell them through barely held back tears that he abandoned me for a younger woman and to go call him at HER residence.
I find it amusing listening to their responses. Mostly they just hang up. (Very disappointing!)

But for some reason I took a different tack with this gentleman.
I told him I found it…… far-fetched……that he ever spoke to Husband and if he was selling something telling me a lie that he had spoken to Husband was not the most intelligent way to go about making a sale.

He assured me he wasn’t lying or selling anything, but his ‘notes’ showed that he HAD actually spoken to Husband on the sixth and he was ‘just following up’ on that conversation.

As it turned out he was calling because he wanted to make an appointment to come to the house to ‘educate’ us on our upcoming eligibility for Medicare. (And offer us a supplemental policy.)

After some banter back and forth about how confusing Medicare can be….yadda yadda yadda… I told him I didn’t find it confusing at all and any information I needed could be found on the government website.

I was getting bored with the conversation at this point so I said, “Look, I understand that insurance sales is a difficult business and that cold calls really suck, but I’m getting tired of yanking your chain so please don’t call anymore.”

There was a long pause and he finally said, “You’re from New York aren’t you?”

I get the feeling this type of behavior isn’t going to bode well on my heavenly score card when I get to the pearly gates…….


  1. I think you did great! At least you didn't scream in his ear!

  2. You weren't rude, didn't yell at him in "tongues", and didn't hang up on him. I really like the story idea especially DH with the Floozy so call him at Her house! :-D

  3. I hate cold calls.

    Had one this morning regarding the minor car collision I'd supposedly been involved in last week!!!

  4. I think you were being very polite! I always have to smile reading your posts, can't believe you actually act sometimes as if you're in tears. Wish I could listen in :-)

  5. Never mind the pearly gates, Robin! It's attitude that counts.

    It has never occurred to my mind to use a dead husband as an excuse, but I've told about a fatal diagnosis I got just the same day. With tears...!

  6. Cold calls are my great hate. I am like your hubby I don't answer the phone unless I recognise the number. Good on you go being so inventive. Once I answered and just kept saying 'hello' over and over in a wizened old voice until they hung up. It was very satisfying.

  7. Far from it, you'll get extra points for this at the Pearly Gates. Well done you, how right you were - he WAS selling something wasn't he!


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