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Friday, November 13, 2015

It’s Too F%#@ing Hot!!!

I want to go outside and play but it’s too f%#@ing HOT!
I swear it’s so hot the palm trees are MELTING!! 
Where is the beautiful balmy winter weather the tourist bureau promised??
I want a refund!


  1. Sorry to hear that you are all hot and bothered. It has been mild here in the UK for the time of year. It's very wet and windy out today thanks to Storm Abigale. and is 9C/48F which is still mild for us. Hope you cool down soon.

  2. well nobody likes melted palm trees!!

    we are having a wonderful fall here. a little nippy but good "jacket weather." you'll soon be enjoying it more...especially when the rest of us get ice and snow!

  3. Send the hot weather North! Specifically to my house!

  4. I enjoyed a beautiful day of minus 10 Celsius. The snow is piling up and we are getting ready for skiing! I hope it gets cooler for you soon and also hope the palm trees don't melt that would be so very sad...... (love your image!)

  5. As someone who has always preferred winter to the summer (and the colder the better) I can only sympathise :-(


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