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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Another Christmas Memory…..

My mother was the queen of craftiness. Way before ‘Martha’!  She was always making things.
Gifts, holiday decorations, BgBro’s fifth grade history project---a colonial fort made out of toothpicks and Popsicle sticks!

But she outdid herself the year she decided she wanted to make a Christmas wreath for the front door.

Not a regular ‘hang it on the door’ Christmas wreath.
Oh no, not my mother.
She wanted one that was big enough to cover the whole door so that you had to step through it to enter the house!  

She got the lumber yard to cut a huge wreath shape out of plywood (how she got it home I’ll never know….) then she stapled chicken wire over the whole thing. Into the holes of the chicken wire she stuck evergreen branches. For a final touch she wired large Christmas lights all around it topping it off with a HUGE red velvet bow.

It was a thing of beauty! And a huge hit in the neighborhood. Every neighborhood we moved to! Because as we moved that giant wreath came with us!

(The movers never understood why we wanted to take what looked like a piece of scrap plywood with us....  :-/ )


  1. That sounds like a fun decoration. I have a small sled painted with a Santa hanging by my door. No lights. It's a rather pathetic attempt at decorating. My daughter sounds more like your mom as she has several imitation, snow-covered pines of varying sizes on her front porch set on a bed of cotton snow. It shows up plenty!

  2. Your mum was a visionary - good for her :-)

  3. With all the photos your family have taken over the years are you sure you haven't got a pic of it squirrelled away somewhere. That would be something to see.

  4. Go big or go home!! Happy Christmas Robin :-)


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