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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Eve Fondue

We’re big on traditions in our family. Carrying on old ones and creating new ones. So it was waaaaaay back in 1974 when my mother originated the first ever Cox Family Annual Christmas Eve Shrimp Cheese Fondue Get Together. She invited friends and family and we all sat around the cocktail table in our finery trying not to poke one another with our long fondue forks!

The more we drank the more we dropped bits of food into the chafing dish and then tried to fish it out. The rule was/is if you lose something in the pot you must kiss the person sitting to your right.

This makes for some very funny situations!

I have carried on this tradition over the years. Now it’s just the four of us but still a cherished ritual.
And we still laugh just as much when we drop something into the pot!

Thanks mom!


  1. What a fun idea! I don't care for cheese, but if you make a chocolate fondue, I'll be there will bells on!

  2. Mmm!Looks very tasty. I like cheese.


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