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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Claim to Fame

When I was in modeling school one of the classes they taught was how to do the ‘model slouch’ and walk down a runway. THAT lesson has come in handy over the years! LOL

But I digress…..

One day while we were practicing the slouch/walk/turn they gave us new shoes.
Mine were lime green with blue polka dots.
And as we walked the elevated runway there was a man taking our pictures.

Not pictures of us turning and slouching and walking for our portfolios but pictures of our feet.

Just our feet.

We were told he was hired by Montgomery Ward (the big Mail Order Catalog Company.)
He was taking pictures of the new line of shoes they would be offering in the next catalog.
We were all very excited. Fame and fortune awaited us!

We waited with bated breath for the new catalog and when it came we anxiously paged to the shoe section!
There in all their glory were the shoes we had been given to ‘model’!
But how could you tell if it was OUR feet or not? The pictures were cropped so tightly all you saw were the shoes.
Not even our ankles showed!

To this day it’s still my one and only claim to fame in the modeling world!

Hey, I take fame where I can get it! 


  1. Better than nothing I'd say, I bet you made those polka dot shoes look fantastic :-)

  2. Did you save the catalog clipping? You would know your feet were in the lime green and blue polka dot shoes.

  3. Any more pictures? Just curious you understand...

  4. Those shoes sound like they would be in style now!! :)


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