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Friday, January 13, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday

They were on their third date when he told her, “I can’t ever marry you. I’m already married.” He emphasized the ‘ever’.
She looked at him and blinked not sure what kind of response he was expecting. Her mind racing with all the things she wanted to say and knew she couldn’t. It would bruise his fragile male ego too deeply. 
So she replied the only way she could given the circumstances, “Well, that’s convenient,” all the while thinking she just dodged a bullet. 


  1. Was she married, too? Fragile ego be damned. She should have bruised him to the ER.

  2. Oh, I know too what I'd wanted to say :D That fragile male ego :D

  3. lol, very convenient, yes ... And how nice of her to even consider his ego... If I'd been dating someone and he told me only on the third date he was married I wouldn't care about bruising his ego...


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