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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Total Fail

Well, I finally decided what to make for the first meal in the new slow cooker. 
I Googled, I researched, I poured over recipes and finally decided to try this one: 

Aaaaaand…..it was a total fail!
Well okay, not a TOTAL fail. We ate what we could. The short ribs were edible, just a bit on the rare side….the vegetables were crunchy and the potatoes had hard centers!

I followed the recipe. 
I went with the low setting for an all day cook.
Big mistake.

Still, it takes a nice picture don't ya' think?
But it begs the question….is my slow cooker defective?
I did everything exactly like the video showed……I even cranked it up to high for the last several hours when it looked like things weren’t going well…..
Where did I go wrong?

I see there will be more experimenting in my future, but right now I’m off to rummage around in the kitchen for a snack…....


  1. I've never had a fail like that after cooking for 6-8 hrs on low. Sometimes meat, especially chicken dries out so I cook chicken recipes on low 4-6 hrs instead of 6 to 8 hrs. Are you sure you didn't have your cooker set to warm and thought it was on the low setting?

  2. I cook beef for 8-10 hours. I have made beef stew with smaller pieces of potatoes and carrots and it was done by 8 hours. I wonder if yours is too low a temp.

  3. Oh no! Luckily there are snacks!

  4. hmmmmmmm.....looks beautiful. too dang bad it didn't 'turn out'. I think I'd write to/call the recipe writer/pot maker.

  5. Oh no! I would try another recipe quick to make sure it's not defective. Good Luck!


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