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Friday, March 3, 2017

29 Faces

I will no longer be participating in this challenge.
This is why: Denthe 
I am so disappointed in the host of the challenge I no longer wish to take part.

I only made it to 20. 


  1. F***ing unbelievable!

    Only happy faces...

  2. Shades of daisy yellow. "Anything goes until you step on my toes".

  3. As always, I'm amazed at the range of faces you draw. Each one so different. The censorship on the 29 Faces challenge is sad and frightening. Not surprising under the current regime.

    On the other hand, Denthe's art that was taken down was a success. Art is supposed to be thought provoking and sometimes controversial. Perhaps those viewers that thought to take that beautiful piece of work down, were sickened by their own reflection. They voted the wrong man in office. Unfortuntely, all of us now pay the price

  4. I saw that over on Denthe's blog. A very unfortunate and sad situation.

  5. Oh Robin, I love all the faces you did this month. There are some I didn't see yet. You have always been an inspiration to me in the 29 faces challenge, and I really hope you will keep on making your wonderful, weird and crazy faces ♥

  6. I’ve always loved Denthe’s work and I think it is wonderful that Denise is so ‘vocal’ regarding what is going on in the US because it really is affecting all of us (I’m in Canada and it’s like having a really bad neighbour right now). It’s a shame that her work was taken down. Perhaps the host thought it would look bad on her - if I were to try and find a reason. Not all art is pretty and the best art makes us FEEL. You faces are wonderful!!! I always enjoy seeing what you create even if I don’t always get a chance to follow all the time. Your faces make me smile - they are all so very full of expression! As for myself, I don’t think I ever finished a 29faces challenge but at least it got me drawing faces more often. ❤

  7. Here is the big question as I have never been part of that group. Has anyone EVER included quotes or words with their face pictures? If so, then it's totally wrong to delete her picture. If not, then that would be a valid reason if words aren't allowed. Frankly, I am seeing censorship in many places and it is always someone who sees it as a slight towards Trump. One was a drawing of Hillary someone wanted removed. They didn't mind that another artist drew Trump but heaven forbid we should get "political" by drawing Hillary. I think you and Denthe should start up a Pussyhat 29 Faces where ANY face is okay!


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