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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Because I’m an Idiot

Back in the ‘good ole’ days Amazon used to tell me when I had already purchased a book so I wouldn’t keep buying the same one over and over……apparently they don’t do that anymore. Or I’m stupid and I don’t know where to set that particular preference. Either way, I’ve ended up with two copies of these books. (click the pink link to bring you to Amazon and you can 'look inside'.)

So, if anyone out there would like either (or both) of these books I’ll be glad to send them to you. I’ll ship anywhere if you’re willing to pay the postage. I’ll try and do it media mail. I think that’s the cheapest from here in the states. Just leave a comment. First come, first served. I’ll e-mail you and we can work out the details…..

I hope someone out there can give them a good home!


  1. I sure hope they haven't stopped telling us or I am in trouble! I don't need the books but thanks!

  2. I've done that too but I see now at the top of the page when you go to the book it tells you the date you purchased it. All the way at the top-- so easy to miss. And I've missed it! But their return system is very easy!

  3. Yeah, I've bought duplicate books, too. i have them btw.

  4. These look great, Robin!! But I can only imagine the shipping to Canada would be pricy. But you can email me and we can find out if you like. Thank you!! ❤


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