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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I Love a Surprise……..

….or not……lol.
Our city has four hundred miles of canals. We live almost at the end of our canal. And our canal is at the end of a bunch of other canals. We’re tucked away and sort of secluded from the main traffic is my point. 

We do get all sorts of stuff ‘visiting’ in the canal even though it’s tucked away and dead ends. Manatees in the winter looking for warmer water……dolphins often bring their babies to teach them how to fish by ‘herding’ the fish into the shallow corners….an occasional stingray……and coconuts!!!!! TONS of floating coconuts!!!!

And sometimes the occasional man made refuse floats in. We’ve had deck chairs float by, all sorts of fishing accoutrement, garbage cans…you know, things that blow off decks and lanais.

But this is the first COVERED cooler that we’ve seen. COVERED is the operative word here.

Husband pointed it out to me.

As we stood looking at the object we pondered its contents.  

Husband’s suggestions were much more refined than mine. Maybe some fisher-persons lunch, maybe a six pack of beer, maybe the catch of the day…….

As for me, I go right to the grisly. Maybe a severed head!!!!!

(I totally get why Husband looks at me strangely sometimes.)

You will be disappointed to read we did NOT attempt to find out its contents. Husband says on the off chance I’m right he doesn’t want to know!

PS On a similar note…..we once found a floating package in the Gulf……we thought it might be illegal drugs but it turned out to be a bag of Cheerios!

Sometimes things are better left to the imagination! 


  1. I go with severed head! although the box was still white and not oozing red patches 😳

  2. Of course it's a severed head.
    Or Pandora's Box...

    We have -04,F in Helsinki right now...

  3. Your husband is so charmingly optimistic. In this day and age, my thoughts led me to, "It's a bomb! Call the police! Call the FBI! Call Gerarldo Rivera to reveal the head of Jimmy Hoffa!"

  4. LOL...you, two!

    I couldn't stand it. I'd be fishing that cooler out of the canal for sure!

  5. If you see something, say something.

  6. Oh no, I'm really disappointed that you didn't check it out! It could have been something exciting ... or some stinky fish. ;) I love that you have manatees and dolphins coming by. Such wonderful animals to watch.

  7. I notice you looked inside the package in the Gulf


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