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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

New Neighbor

We have new neighbors across the canal. They are good neighbors, quiet and keep to themselves.  

Here's the interesting thing……the wife likes to sunbath…….topless……..on an over sized raft that essentially raises her out of the pool and above the privacy level of the shrubbery surrounding her lanai. 

No big deal. Her pool, her lanai, her boobs..…..go for it honey.

The part that I find hilarious is how much work the men in the surrounding houses have found to do on their boats lately! (ed. Their boats are all kept on lifts in the canal.)

Suddenly they all have ‘projects’ that need to be done. Our 85 year old neighbor is out washing his (non-functioning) boat more in the last few months than in all the previous years he’s lived here! 

Another neighbor just realized all the canvas on his boat needs mending. 

And Husband decided this was the year our boat needed buffing and waxing! This is the first time he has EVER buffed and waxed this boat since we bought it….coincidence….???

I guess I’ll never know…..lol


  1. Oh yes, it's amazing how energy hits men :D

  2. I'd find more projects for the boobs to do. Honey, don't you think the house needs to be painted? or the siding washed? Shrubs need a trimming? How 'bout weeding the garden? :-D

  3. Might be your neighbors are European. My German friends have NO problem going topless around the pool.

  4. I wonder if she is aware of the attention she's getting🤔

  5. Wow! That is energizing the neighborhood!

  6. hahaha, I can just visualize it :-D So I take it that winter in Florida has ended and it's back to the high temperatures!?


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