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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

He’s Too Sexy for His Socks…..

Or something like that……lol.

Husband suffers from cold feet…even in the equatorial Florida heat he gets cold toes. More so now since we have tiled floors. So he wears socks. When he’s doing household chores and needs to go outside he doesn’t want to go out in just his socks so he dons his Minnetonkas.

He’s a fashion trend-setter!
Actually, I think it’s kinda cute…..in a weird, unfashionable way. 
(At least the socks aren’t ‘flasher’ black!)


  1. Your husband would go well here in Finland, we have such trend-setters a lot on streets in summer!

    But not now :( Unbelievable, it's 12 F and more cold weather is coming from up north.

  2. At least he wears minnetonkas (actually had to google that word...we just call them moccasins). It's a very English thing for men to wear socks with sandals - Yep! trendy in a weird way. lol. Love your drawing :)

  3. It could be worse. He could have is Jesus sandles on. Lol!

  4. I love socks. Check out Joy of Socks and The Sock Drawer for really fun designs. And so glad your muse has awakened!

  5. Visit Germany in summer and you'll see lots of guys wearing shorts with white socks and shoes (often Birkenstocks). I was always glad my hubby wasn't one of them, lol.

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