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Friday, March 16, 2018

You Can’t Get There From Here

Or….the five stages of technological frustration…….

As you know, the boys bought me a new Tablet for Christmas last year. It’s the same make and model as TableyOne but the new and ‘improved’ model. I say improved in quotes because I’m trying to be kind and keep a civil tongue in my head.

Don’t get me wrong…I love TableyTwo. I really do. I love that’s its new and shiny and lighter and faster. I love that I can record my drawings to share with you here (lol, like I’ve done so often since getting the damn thing!)

What I DON’T like is how ‘they’ change things. Things that don’t NEED to be changed. Like the gallery…..

On TableyOne it was very straight forward and simple to save a sketch to the gallery. And logical in the way you could make folders and group like items together. In TableyTwo……not so much.

I installed an SD card so I could save all my ‘scathingly brilliant’ sketches for posterity! (Because someday, when I’m dead, I totally expect to be ‘discovered’……snort……and I want ‘them’ to be able to find all my brilliance!) And to that end I started saving my sketches. Then I found out that they weren’t being stored on the SD card. Hmmmm…..After some very terse words with Husband we found out that TableyTwo apparently doesn’t WANT to save my masterpieces to the SD card! Not automatically (like on my phone, you just tell it from now on I want all my images to go on the SD card and it does it.) Not so on TableyTwo!

This is stage one: Denial. How can a device NOT DO WHAT IT’S DESIGNED TO DO???????? It’s a computer! I tell it what I want and it DOES it!

Au contraire!

This brings us to stage two: Anger. This stage is self explanatory so I won’t go into details or repeat the words that I used to both Husband and TableyTwo.

Stage three: Bargaining. “Oh for Pete’s sake! You know what I’m trying to do! Why are you making multiple copies and putting them in the wrong places! Can’t you just put them where I want them to go?” (the answer is, apparently not.)

Which brings us to stage four: Depression. Not depression for life in general…..just too depressed to pick up TableyTwo and try and figure it out…..for about two months….give or take a week.

Finally, stage five: Acceptance. Also known as total submission and defeat. And after MANY ‘discussions’ with Husband and much Googling finally giving in to the way they’ve changed it and jumping through multiple hoops to get the images onto the SD card.

Was it worth the struggle? Damn right it was! All my sketches are now on the SD card and in the appropriate folders, well defined and organized!!!! (Alphabetical even!)

Take THAT you Android sadists!


  1. I get the {{chills}} when I see the word 'Update' on mine...for a know, without a doubt, it will CHANGE WHAT I'VE GOT USED TO. Like yourself, I have often been heard to say words that cannot be repeated, although the second word is usually OFF, the first you may choose yourself, lol ;)

  2. I don't know why they change things that work just perfectly. The changes often make just no sense at all, at least for the users. It's so annoying and such a waste of time. I'm glad you figured out how to store your sketches. You beat the beast! :)

  3. I feel your pain. Why don't these people just leave well alone. After the latest updates to Windows. My laptop has organized my photos into all sorts of folders and groups that I haven't asked it too. Last time I went on I was there for ages trying to find things that had been moved. Damn cheek if you ask me. Your business isnt your own in the cyber world Lol!

  4. In the old days, we could control or program the computers. Now, they make it difficult to get inside the machine to tweak things they way you want. As to storage, the big thing is cloud storage and that's where I suspect all of your drawings are. Like you, I want them in some sort of physical location that I can get to or carry with me. Glad you got your woes figured out.

  5. Ugh....what a PIA! But, you persisted ...and WON! sort of

  6. oh, haha, very recognizable :-D Just when you get used to one thing they change it. And it's not only like that with computers or tablets. But ... you did it!!! Congrats girl, and keep going!


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