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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Dreams and Memories

I dreamed about my mother again last night. It’s the second time this week. I dreamed about her not as the plump, gray haired grandma she was in the last years of her life, but as a young woman I don’t think I ever knew.

She was wearing denim pedal pushers and a gleaming white, sleeveless, button down blouse with a Peter Pan collar. She was walking away from me, not even aware that I was there or watching her. And it struck me that I had never seen my mother in jeans before!

A funny thing to think.

I wasn’t surprised at her age or appearance, just the fact that I never knew either of my parents to wear jeans.

I remember my mother bought my father a pair of Levi’s sometime in the sixties. She thought they would replace the worn out army khakis he used to wear whenever he was doing something messy around the house, like wallpapering. 

They sat neatly folded in his bureau drawer. When I was emptying their house after she died, there they were, still neatly folded with the tags on.

It had been ten years since he died and all his other clothes had long since been given away.

I often wonder why she kept them.

File this under:  I have nothing to say and I say it regularly. 


  1. What a vivid dream you had of your mother and her outfit. I'm not fond of her Peter Pan collar blouse as I had 8 years of that type of blouse, with short sleeves. Sleeveless was verboten at parochial school.

    I think the first time I saw pictures of my parents, especially my mother, in stylish clothes, my thought was who knew? You never think of your parents having a life long before you come along. As to jeans, my parents never wore them. Ever. Never even owned a pair. I think there was some association with jeans being for laborers. I wasn't allowed to wear jeans until I hit high school and was buying my own clothes.

  2. Sounds just like my parents . . . right down to the army khakis. Must have been a generational thing. Sounds like a nice dream!

  3. A nice dream evoking nice memories.

  4. Dreams and what we come up with are weird sometimes. On the other hand they are somewhat comforting. I remember clearly a dream about my great grandparents (maternal side - who I had known growing up). Of course, they were of an age and era where they didn't have the opportunity to drive a car. So it was strange that dreamt that great gran was driving and great grandad was passenger. In my dream it was apparent, great grandad had wanted to stop and say hello. Even stranger, they were in an open topped blue Rolls Royce with cream leather seats. I reckon dreams are used for those who have passed to pop back and see us and let us know they are alright in the heavens. So that's it, I know they are okay and driving a blue Rolls Royce, perfect :)

  5. You think you have nothing to say but you say it so beautifully. I could happily read these little stories of yours for hours on end ...


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