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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Happy Birthday, Son1…….

You can’t possibly be that old!!!!

Son1 and I were having a lovely conversation a few weeks ago and he happened to mention his upcoming birthday. Now, I know when his birthday is….I was THERE for Pete’s sake…..but I sometimes forget exactly how old the boys are, unless I do the math in my head and we ALL know how good I am at math……

He mentioned that he was beginning to feel ‘older’ now that he’s in his thirties…..and I paused……

Wait, WHAT???

You can’t possibly be in your thirties…..I’M IN MY THIRTIES!!!! At least that’s how I feel! (Well, if you don’t count the days I feel like I’m ninety-nine…..but I digress….)

How could this possibly have happened?

I remember my mother telling me I was catching up to her, age wise, and at the time I laughed but I didn’t really quite understand what she was saying. NOW I get it!

So, to my first born, with all my love, I say…..
you’re catching up to me….NEENER NEENER!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to Son 1. The Eldest turns thirty in a couple of weeks and I've been wondering how the hell did that happen? :-D

  2. I know the feeling. My mind might feel 31but the body is weak lol!
    Happy birthday No.1 son.


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