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Tuesday, July 24, 2018


I bought grocery store flowers last week. 
The reason I'm posting these pics today is because I've never seen flowers (and the water in their vases) last this long! The water is still crystal clear and not one of the flowers has dropped a single petal. 
This is NOT normal.....
but it's kinda nice, don'tcha think?



  1. Oh wow! they're all so pretty. Plus you've now captured them in pictures, so when they do go over, you still have the photos to remind you 🌼🥀

  2. ohh gorgeous! Nice photos, my friend.

  3. Beautiful! Love the lime green Mum (?). My elderly neighbor, Prissy, used to buy herself bouquets from the grocery store and they always seemed to last a long time, too.

  4. Beautiful colours and beautiful photos too!

  5. Wonderful! I had that happen once. I tried to repeat it but didn’t know what had happened to make it happen the first time! Pretty. Did you draw and paint them with all the time you had with them?

  6. Not normal maybe, but oh, they're so gorgeous! All my favorite colours :-)


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