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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Playing With Colored Pencils

I signed up for another class........quelle surprise.........

Sketchbook Skool's 'Colored Pencils---Sharpen Your Skills
I'm about halfway through. And, of course, I had to buy new supplies.....lol. Some I already had, like these multi-colored ones. 

 I hadn't really played with them. As it turns out, they're pretty good for making fur on critters. 

The new set I'm still not sure about. 

They certainly are soft, but I'll withhold my opinion until I try them on different papers. So far I've only used them in one sketchbook and the pages are computer paper and slightly 'mushy' lying on top of one another. I'm assuming they will be different on smoother paper or watercolor paper.  
So far my favorite thing I've learned from the course is a quote from one of the instructors, "At least I'm drawing!" LOL I like that! Good, bad, or indifferent....at least I'm drawing! 


  1. Love your critters and the multi-color pencils. Do I need these? she asked with a gleam in her eye. Where did you get them? I like your buildings with the palm trees. I think they need pink flamingos in front (-: Have a fun drawing day!

  2. Your characters look great in coloured pencil. I think you've found your medium.🙂


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