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Friday, November 1, 2019


…….when I get frustrated (which is pretty much ALL the time) I go back to my comfort zone. Faces! And what has become my favorite analog art supply, colored pencils.

I keep paper and colored pencils at hand on the kitchen island at all times. I LOVE the creamy feel of the pencils as they glide across the page. I don't always like the results but the 'doing' is very comforting. I like how they blend and layer and their vibrancy.

I don't like this guy but I LOVE the way the pencils blended/layered on him. 

It helps my ego to know I can produce SOMETHING recognizable.....lol. 


  1. I believe doing is the most important thing. So do, do, do and don't be too hard on yourself!

  2. Everytime you mention your love of coloured pencils I say to myself I must get mine out. I've got so many adult colouring books waiting to be coloured in. Have you given them a try?


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