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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Good News/Bad News

Some days are good days some days are bad days and then there are those that are roller coaster rides!

Good news: My medical insurance company is VERY proactive! So much so I find it intrusive and annoying as hell! They constantly call to offer unsolicited advice and to remind me I’m old now and need to get a flu shot!

But when they sent me an ‘in home’ kidney disease test I went berserk! How DARE they! I HAVE a doctor who cares for me and orders the tests she feels are necessary! Get your nosey nose out of my business!

Then I calmed down and thought about it for a while and since it was free……and since some of the meds I’m on are hard on the kidneys I thought maybe I should stop being such an ass and just do it.
So I peed in the cup, packaged it up, mailed it and waited.

It was taking so long I was beginning to think I had done something wrong and they just threw away my specimen. Then the envelope came. I was torn between not wanting to know and wanting to know. Maybe I could just wait until I went to see my doctor and have her tell me the news…….snort……

So I opened the envelope and…..GOOD NEWS! My kidney function was well within ‘normal range’!

YAY for Robin’s kidneys! Fighting the good fight against all the bad meds!!!!!

I felt like I had dodged a bullet. I was riding high! 


The next envelope in the mail that day was from my mail order prescription plan.

Not worried.

They’re always sending me something that ends up being mostly ‘blah blah blah, the price is going up, blah blah blah……’ But this one was different.

It said that one of my meds had been recalled by the pharmaceutical company because……wait for it……it contains a carcinogen!


So, on the one hand your kidneys are fine but on the other hand you might have just ingested year’s worth of cancer causing chemicals!


I can’t stop laughing! I think it might be hysterical laughter.

Should I be worried? Should I have some sort of test? Should I throw up my hands in surrender? Should I jump off a cliff?

Or is this one of those things where you’d have to consume three cases of the stuff every day for a period of twenty years for it to have any effect?

Well, I’m going to die of something someday so I’ve decided not to waste my time worrying about it. 

With that said, I’m going to go eat something sugary and fattening now.......ya’know, just in case the end is near!


  1. I hate the nags and newsletters from the insurance company. I am glad your kidneys are functioning properly despite the fact that your medication contains carcinogens. So do our paints and art supplies 😉 Yeah, I wouldn't worry. And a sleeve or two of cookies won't hurt. Enjoy!

  2. We all need a bit of sugar and a bit of fat now and again.😉


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