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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

And They Lived Happily Ever After.....

……as they say in all good fairy tales.

Except they didn’t.

Cindy had to take in washing to make ends meet after her husband was impeached when the kingdom found out he was embezzling funds to pay his gambling debts.

The three bears held Goldy for ransom when they found her sleeping in baby bear’s bed.

Rapunzel had to cut her hair and sell it to a wig maker to support her thirteen children after the prince abandoned them.

The shoemaker was eventually arrested and imprisoned when the town found out he was using child labor to make his shoes at night.

Sleeping beauty was actually raped in her sleep (and impregnated) by a king who was a sexual predator. (This is actually the original story until Disney did it’s ‘spin’ on it!)

This was meant to be amusing but after thinking about it (and listening to the news) I realize not much has changed over the centuries and that's rather depressing.

I'm posting it anyway. 

Aren’t you glad you don’t live in my head?????


  1. It's no good living in my head either :D

    Fabulous fairy tales :D

  2. Actually, in Cinderella after her wedding to the Prince as everyone is coming out of the church or castle, two crows come along and peck the eyes of of the step sisters. Karma!

    And in the Frog Prince, the Princess is so annoyed by the frog, she picks him up and hurls him into a wall and then he's transformed into the prince.

    Gotta love the original tales.


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