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Wednesday, February 12, 2020


I'm sorry I haven't been posting here lately but I've been busy doing this:

I couldn't stand the chaos any longer. 

I want to re-do the whole room from top to bottom (new carpet, a new pull out couch, new window treatments, new closet doors {I HATE louvers! lol}) but finances have a way of saying, "Hell no! Not until you pay off your stageringly high credit card debt!" 

So in lieu of a total makeover I just purged and made do with what I have. 
It feels soooo much better. And looks better too! 
The UGLY black file cabinet is gone! YAY! 
Husband mounted my monitor on the wall and built pull out shelves in the cabinet for the scanner and printer so the desktop is nice and roomy! 

The big red chair is the focal point on the other wall along with a pared down selection of art. 

 And the pièce de résistance........the closet.......
It is a thing of beauty, is it not????? 

Now Son2 won't feel so cramped when he comes home to visit and I have a lovely SPACIOUS place to play and create! Win/win! 

It took me a full two weeks to do it but it was worth it! 

And just when I thought it was all done.....Husband added this:
A flat panel to cover all the ugly wires and cords! 


  1. Vow, what a make over! So clean and spacious!

    And I just love that red chair!!

  2. WOW! Your space looks great! I need you to help me Marie Kondo mine!

  3. It looks great Robin. One of my favourite sayings is un-clutted space....uncluttered mind. Is that a saying??


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