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Thursday, April 30, 2020

I Think Husband is Getting Bored.....

Yeah, I think he's getting a little bored with this lock down.

No more Home Depot 'runs'.....nothing really needs to be fixed around the house. The trees and plants are trimmed to within an inch of their lives.......you get the picture.

So, he decided to try and 'capture' some live yeast to make sourdough bread. He makes all of our bread but he uses commercial yeast. And luckily we still have some. But for the day we don't MR. Always Prepared decided to experiment.

Apparently it's a successful experiment. So much so it's starting to take over the kitchen counter!

AND.....he's named it! 
Seems appropriate to me. 

Maybe this will take his mind off getting that puppy he's been talking about lately......(he talks to Foamy all the time so maybe, we'll see.)


  1. Take it from me. Caring for a puppy would be easier. I hope he gets to make delicious sourdough bread. I was a flop at it.

  2. It's ALIVE!!! Love this sweet post!

  3. It's magical bread!

    I vote for the puppy!


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