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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Some of Them Were Wins, Others Not So Much……

I haven’t been feeling very artsy since this whole pandemic thing started. I don’t know if it’s just the usual ebb and flow of the creative muse or it’s a result of the pandemic malaise that seems to have come over us all.

Either way it doesn’t really matter.

‘They’ say the muse comes to the moving hand.

So to try and kick start my creativity I signed up for a bunch of online classes. (Can you say procrastinate????? LOL)

One of the lessons was one from Carla Sonheim. (Click on the link for the quickie video…..I’m too lazy to explain it here.)

Well, I did it.

At least it got my hand moving .But like the title of this post says…….some of them were wins, others not so much…….

I’m here Miss Muse, anytime you’re ready!


  1. I feel you, the same here. Concentrating is a bit hard nowadays, thoughts flow wildly, but no inspiration.

    I think these birds in their surrealistic presence describe this pandemic time perfectly.

  2. Love these! I had cards as a kid that you could mix and match head and bodies to create whimsical creatures. That's what your birds remind me of.

  3. Wow! These are great! Yes, gotta keep those hands moving - a paintbrush beats a fork:)

  4. In my eyes, these are all wins Robin! Love them ♥


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