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Monday, April 9, 2012

Working Working Working

I’m up to my eyeballs, getting ready.
I’ve been asked by the Alliance for the Arts to set up a table with my ‘upcycled’ wares and to ‘demonstrate’ during a continental breakfast that is a kickoff to a studio tour around town on April 28th.

There will be two other artists. 

I’m flattered they asked me out of all the talented artists they represent.
(I don’t know who the other two artists are yet, but I will post more info and links when I find out.)

For now I’m off to raid the pantry for more cereal boxes! LOL


  1. Can't wait to see what you make from all those things. Although I guess beads are involved going on the final picture, which I still haven't got around to making!

  2. I think they've probably seen your up-cycled journals. Sometimes people up-cycle well and sometimes they don't. When they do well like you do, they want to show others. I can see why you were selected!

  3. So cool. I hope you will post a full report!!

  4. How fun! I wish I lived closer as I am a cereal box saver! Yes your upcycled creations are great that is why you were chosen.... congratulations, and enjoy!

  5. Yes, full report please :) I can see why you're busy!! Can you eat cereals fast enough?? Hah, beads spotted - lovely!!


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