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Monday, April 30, 2012

Because I Could

That’s why!
Husband asked why I was making so many paper beads and what was I going to do with them when I finished making them!?
I had no idea! It was just very addicting! LOL
So, you see, I HAD to come up with SOMETHING to justify all that rolling!
I still have a bowlful of beads left. I’m thinking she should have some ‘babies’.
We’ll see…………..

Meet Chloe, at her first professional photo shoot:

Meet Chloe

(check out those shapely gams! LOL)

Getting comfortable with the camera

Striking a pose!


  1. Lol. Love your comment to your DH. And the bead critter is very cute

  2. How cute! and what a clever way to use those beads. You are very creative!

  3. I LOVE Chloe! Now we all have a totally valid reason for making beads but there is only ONE with your imagination!

  4. AWESOME :D Chloe rocks :D I so love your imagination & sense of humour - whether you're writing your stories, showing off your journals or creating one-of-a-kind awesomeness :D You always know how to make me smile when I need it - it's uncanny ;)


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