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Thursday, April 19, 2012


I’m speechless!
Well, not really but listen to THIS!
I sold the infamous ‘Blue Journal’!

It was my favorite. The best one I ever made (IMHO). I put it in the Alliance gift shop but put a ridiculously high price on it. Because I didn’t really want to sell it. But Husband said ‘at what price would it be worthwhile for you to sell it?” So I came up with a price and SOMEONE BOUGHT IT!
I’m………….blown away!
This comes at just the right time as I’m trying to price the journals for the 28th and waffling between ‘oh, no one will pay that much for a bunch of cereal boxes!” and ‘these are one of a kind handmade journals!”
I’m sorry if I’m being immodest…..but YAY! I’m doing a happy dance!
Ain’t validation grand? 


  1. Yay!!..well done (although sorry if you had really wanted to keep it)but it is brilliant to have made a sale....not surprised it went though, it does look really really good.

  2. I'll bet that IS a good feeling even though you had to part with it. Hurray for you!!

  3. Yay! That is good news. Now you'll just have to make another favorite!

  4. Exactly :) Once you're entirely over the stress of this event and squarely on the other side of the tunnel, sit down and make yourself another favourite... You know you can - we know you can :D (tip: if you really, really want to keep something? Don't put a For Sale sign on it ;))
    & of course - YAY :) Validation rules to us handmade people :D Good for you & good for the clue it gives you on pricing!!


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