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Friday, October 24, 2014


When I was little I had two best friends.
Janet and Rita.
We played well together.
Most of the time.
But…..when things didn’t go her way, Janet would throw a tantrum. 
It was always the same….…. “If you don’t do what I want I’m going to sit in the road and get hit by a car! THEN you’ll be sorry!” 
And she would sit cross-legged, in the middle of our street (it was a lane really, with very few cars) put her face in her hands and cry.

I remember thinking……would it really be that bad if she did get hit by a car? ……..at least then we wouldn’t have to go through this nonsense all the time (I was famous for my empathy…….)

One day the pavement in the road in front of Rita’s house developed a hole about the size of a Frisbee.
Not very big but when you looked down into the hole you could see that the dirt had washed away and it was developing into a sinkhole.
To us it looked like it went to the center of the earth!

Of course this was just the thing Janet needed for her next big performance.
And that show came very soon after the discovery of said hole.

We were playing at Rita’s house, Janet didn’t get her way……she went into her usual tirade but this time she said, “I’m going to sit on the hole and get swallowed up by the earth! THEN you’ll be sorry!”
And off she went.

I noticed though, as she took up her position, she didn’t sit directly on top of the hole but off to the side. 
Rita and I stood there watching and waiting.
I’m not sure if we were watching in gleeful anticipation of Janet getting swallowed alive or if we were just tired of the routine.
After a few minutes we grew bored and went inside to play.

When Janet realized no one was watching she got up and went home.

I know, it seemed anticlimactic to me too……..


  1. ....and there was me thinking she got swallowed! lol

  2. …and there was me hoping she got swallowed! lol

  3. Oh yes I would have left her there to get gobbled up by that hole too! BTW - I just arrived home from a holiday, and waiting for me was a piece of mail that made me SMILE! Thanks so much! It is sitting by my computer and is making me smile whenever I look over! Also a big thank you for donating funds for the African bikes my daughter is fund raising for - it is so nice of you to do that! Thanks so much. Yes she is BRAVE, and I am trying to be brave as well.


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