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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Undo Button Is the Best……..

But what I also like about working digitally is the ability to save incrementally as you go.
To save at different times through the process allows you to go back later and take it in a whole different direction.
Or to just have a ‘time lapse’ of the characters development.

Either way…….

Some changes are bigger than others...... ;)


  1. I love how he seems to get younger with each step!

  2. What ever direction they go in Robin, you have mastered digital art :-).......wish I could :(

  3. If you scroll quickly through the images, it's almost like a flip book (-:

  4. if only life were that easy! i could use an undo button now and then :)

  5. I wouldn't know were to start with creating digital images. I use my digital camera to record my process. For some reason I get a different perspective when I see the image on the camera and can pick out what areas need changing.


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