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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Whenever I Do Battle With A Palmetto Bug I Think Of My Mother

And about her time in Florida when my father was stationed here during the war.
She told two stories about that time.
The first was about how the bugs were so big you could throw a saddle on them and ride them around the base!
The other was about working for one of the generals.
She and another secretary would buy bottles of coke from the vending machine just outside the office door, pour out half the coke and refill the bottles with rum.
And that’s how they spent their days.
Typing the general’s letters half crocked, sweating (this was in the days before air conditioning!) and killing giant bugs with their shoes.

She did NOT like Florida!


  1. Your mum really was very clever.....I love the rum and coke idea ;)

  2. ha! Florida sounded fun though ;-)

  3. rum and coke -- sounds like a great way to get through the workday :)

  4. I couldn't cope with giant insects. Uck!

  5. There's got to be a story in there! Haha--I love it! I remember those big roaches when I lived in New York. My cat would catch them at night and bring them to us. Ick. LOVE your drawing of the saddled beast!


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