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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Who Knew????

We’ve had Mr. Cactus for a few years now. 
He’s grown quite a bit from the tiny potted specimen we bought at the big box store. 
I love his big paddles and his tiny spikes but I never knew he would produce a FLOWER!

Much to our surprise Husband noticed this on him.

It’s small and it didn’t really ‘open’ (I think it took all his effort just to produce the bud! lol)
But it was there.
And then it was gone.
Practically overnight!
I’m glad I got to snap these pics. Not sure he’ll ever do it again! 


  1. Great!! Is it a miracle?. Lot of kisses

  2. Oh, he loved you!
    At least for a while :D

  3. Everyone has their softer side even a cactus. So glad you managed to get a pic.

  4. Oh YES! Just wait until next year. Once they start blooming...they usually go crazy.

  5. How brilliant and what an amazing colour. At least you photographed it for posterity sake Robin...here's hoping you will have more blooms soon 🌵

  6. Beautiful. Maybe in 6 months or so, it will bloom again? My grandma had a Christmas cactus that bloomed in December and then again in July.

  7. The flowers usually open all the way but they only last a day. In Kingman, where we lived in the desert, the cacti bloomed when the days were getting longer so perhaps the day wasn't long enough or sunny enough to open all the way. Nice painting of the plant!

  8. so pretty! i love that color. I have a plant that only blooms once every seven years. I pamper it along and am rewarded with beautiful, fragrant flowers. maybe your cactus is like that??


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