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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

SOME Assembly Required…..

Did I mention I moved my ‘office’ out of the master bedroom and into the studio?
Picture trying to get ten pounds of ‘stuff’ into a five pound bag and you’ll get the idea.
But, after a lot of purging and rearranging, and rearranging again……success! (I think…...I’ll let you know……..)

I gave things away, I threw things away, I put things out at the curb…..
Surprisingly, the things I thought would be snapped up right away weren’t (an antique knee hole desk) and the things that were broken or damaged (two old chairs) were taken lickety split!
Go figure….

I even treated myself to a new desk chair!
Best $60 I ever spent! (Day after Black Friday sale! Who Knew?)
It shipped to the house because they had no more at the store.
Some assembly required.

Husband is brilliant at these things and had it ready to go in just a few minutes. (Not that I couldn’t have done it myself but husbands like to feel needed, right? wink-wink, nudge-nudge….)

It’s padded  and comfy but the best thing is…….I can tilt back and dangle my feet off the floor.
This is a MUST for any desk chair, IMHO.
Just ask the sales clerk, who watched me try each and every chair in the store to find one that was ‘just right’!   


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