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Friday, November 11, 2016

The Most Beautiful Closet EVER!

Now known as my 'dressing room'! lol
I wanted to put my dresser in the closet to give us more space in the bedroom. Plus it just makes sense to keep all your clothes in the same location if you can, right? 
(Besides....all divas have dressing rooms, right? snort)
SO, without further ado.......
drum roll please...............(okay, so some ado.......)
Presenting the newly tiled, painted, rearranged and highly organized 
I 'weeded' and purged, dusted and donated two (and then some) large garbage bags full of stuff to Goodwill (not to mention the stuff I just threw out!) 
Is it not beautiful???? 
Now let's see how long we can keep it this way! 
(Husband hasn't done his side yet. Which, I suspect, is why it looks so wonderfully uncluttered, lol)


  1. That is great! I envy your dressing room. Closets in the dollhouse are only 2 ft x 2 ft. Nex time you donate stuff, put the raggy stuff in a separate bag with the rest of the donations. Goodwill etc. will take the items they can use. They sell the other stuff for rags or recycle fibers into other products like yoga mats. Raggy stuff can't be mildewed. And it won't sit in a landfill.

  2. Oh wow! I love this closet...all that room...ahhhhh.

  3. It's looking perfect! You are lucky to be living in a warm part of the States, those winter clothes take up so much room. I would need even more space ...

  4. it's so pretty! do you make house calls? i have this exact sort of shelving...only stuffed full o'junk!


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