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Friday, November 18, 2016

And as We Bid a Fond Farewell to The Bathroom Re-Model.....

Husband chose the towels. 
Notice how they matche the shampoo bottle! 
Happy accident or planned design?  
He's not sayin'! 
Plantation shutter! A splurge but I like it!
 Notice how I color coordinated myself with the decor???? (No detail is left to chance, lol!)
 Perfect spot for exercise equipment (or a dressing table if you're into that sort of thing.)

Onward to the bedroom! 


  1. It looks like a spread out of a fancy magazine! (But, where's the crapper)?

  2. Wow! that looks fantastic! I like the color towels Husband chose. He done good.

  3. i love the teal towels! what a great POP of color!! very nice!

  4. Looks beautiful Robin! Love that you have your exercise bike there! Perfect!


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