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Thursday, October 14, 2010

i wonder if anyone out there is reading this?

i doubt that anyone (except family, when i ask them to) reads this. but I’m having a blast! there’s something so satisfying about sending your words and thoughts and pictures ‘out there’ into cyber land. it’s very freeing. sort of like ‘guerilla art’. you don’t get to see the result of what you did; you just get to imagine the effect.
in the beginning i was feeling very shy about the whole thing. now i find that i don’t really care if it’s reaching anyone, it’s reaching me. (all very psychological, ya’ know.  lol)
that’s not to say i wouldn’t appreciate it if people were reading it. i’d love to make new friends, or to find that i touched someone in some small way. it’s just that i’m finding, over time, i’m doing it for a totally different reason than i originally thought. and it’s very gratifying. i’m learning more about myself (which could go either way :/)  
still, it’s a fun and basically harmless hobby, so i think i’m going to keep it up.
so there! (she said stamping her foot like a petulant four year old.)

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