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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

more silliness……

one of the lessons in ‘the art of silliness’ online workshop was to draw ‘one liner’ drawings. (‘one liner’ meaning not to lift the pen.)

‘one liner’ human face, ‘one liner’ tree, ‘one liner’ fish….you get the idea.

what surprised me was how totally different the finished drawings were from what i started out to make.

i started out to draw a tree. a nice simple oak, elm, or some sort of deciduous tree. but all of a sudden the pen took on a life of its own and out came a palm tree!
the face was the same way! it just kind of drew itself.  i really had no idea of what i was going to draw. i started out with the shape and then it just ‘appeared’.
I’m pleased with my progress so far. i mean, I know i’m never going to be another Rembrandt or Monet, but i'm now able to make recognizable images. for me that’s a huge improvement!  and i like it!

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