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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

meet mary lou

about a million years ago, when i was growing up, i knew the schmidt family. they had seven kids, all with names that began with the letter ‘m’. michael, mark, mary, mildred, martha, monica and mary lou, the youngest.

the first thing mary lou ever said to me when we met was: ‘hi, my name is mary lou. i’m adopted.”

i have fond memories of time spent in their midst. their house was always a fun place to be. something was always going on at the schmidt’s.

i remember they tried to teach me how to do 'the boogaloo' and 'the jerk' (and failed miserably!) and mrs schmidt made the most delicious doughnuts i’ve ever tasted!

the minute i drew her i knew this was mary lou.

meet mary lou……

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