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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

sighing as an Olympic event

if sighing was an Olympic event, i’d bring home the gold!
i say this with a great deal of pride, because i learned from a pro. my mother was an Olympian too. (i think it’s in the genes.)

and don’t think i mean just run of the mill sighing. i mean sighing that falls into special and distinct categories:
there’s the ‘exasperated sigh’,
the ‘i have the weight of the world on my shoulders’ sigh,
the ‘i can’t believe you said that’ sigh,
the’ i’ve had enough of this’ sigh,
the ‘exhausted sigh’, you get the idea.
each and every one is different. and each and every one is distinguishable from the other.

it takes years and years of practice to perfect the art of sighing, and i’ve devoted myself to this pursuit in earnest.

Just ask my husband!

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