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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


They don’t do it on purpose (or maybe they do….?) but parents have a unique way of embarrassing their kids.

And even in those moments of embarrassment ….looking back, it’s still kinda’ funny.

Like the time I was having a slumber party.
We must have been in our early teens.
Seven of my BFF’s sleeping over. We were camped out in the family room at the far end of the house. Well away from the other bedrooms.
But I guess not far enough away for my father because he kept coming out to tell us to quite down and go to sleep.

That was the first embarrassment.

The second embarrassment was that he slept in a nightshirt.
Cue the giggles.

But the coup de grâce was when he turned to go back to bed…..

He had a habit of bending over to pick up fuzzits from the carpeting.
And his nightshirt only went to his knees…..
So when he bent over it hiked up in the back revealing the full Monty to a room of adolescent girls giving them a view that I’m sure, to this day, is seared into their brains no matter how hard they’ve tried to forget it!

I was mortified!

But it makes a great story!
In hindsight!

(............see what I did there??? Ba dum tish……..)


  1. I think if parents are to embarrass their kids, your dad won the prize!!! LOL :-)

  2. I'm dying. Poor you, and your poor dad. And how many slumber parties did you have after that? :-D

  3. eeewww!..... You could never 'un-see' that.

  4. Oh I see what you did there..... Da bum tush...
    And a party NOT to be forgotten!

  5. lol!! I second what fuzzie fingers said.


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