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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

29 Faces 2016

I’m doing the 29 Faces challenge again this month. 
Trying to keep up but not putting too much pressure on myself since I’m also doing the ‘Y is for Yellow’ class with Carla Sonheim. Some of Carla’s lessons work well for faces, which is nice.  
Especially the blind contour lesson. I am in LOVE with blind contour faces! 
They are HYSTERICAL! And probably the best looking faces I’ll ever draw! LOL 
Here are some of what I’ve done so far…….(and some not blind contours.......just because.)
If you want to see some of the other artists participating follow the link at the top of the sidebar. 


  1. The blind contour concept looks fun! Enjoy your 29 Faces journey'

  2. Oh, blind! That's cool! I've tried some with my non dominant hand, the result is spooky!

    Your faces are hilarious, just like you, Robin!

  3. Hmmmm..wonder if that's how Picasso got started.

  4. Was wondering if you would be doing the challenge. Great faces.

  5. Great faces Robin. I particularly like the one at the bottom in the middle. That's like my hair on a bad day.

  6. i really really love your blind contour drawings! they have so much character!!

  7. It's funny how they all still look like faces, even though the features are sometimes so distorted.I love them. I'm not sure I could do these and still stay on the same paper, let alone inside the face ... ;-)

  8. wonderfully unique faces
    so enjoyed seeing them


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