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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Shackle of Shame

I admit it..........I’m basically lazy.
A couch potato.

My job and family used to keep me much more active than I am now.
Retirement may be great but it definitely put a dent in my forced exercise, a.k.a. chores/errands/work/kids/your basic mother routine.

I’ve become a slug.

I’ve tried the gym routine but I don’t like ‘group grunting’.
And those MIRRORS! Don’t get me started!

So when the FitBit came out I thought….hmmmm….this has possibilities.
Not a group effort, check.
A timer that reminds me to get up and move away from the computer (read: Facebook) check.
A step counter that clocks my activity, check.

I did copious amounts of online shopping. I checked reviews, compared options and prices.
I finally settled on the Vivofit2.
For a most essential reason….it was the only one that was simple and basic, had a ‘thin’-ish band that shows your stats and it came in PINK!

This was the most important feature.
It HAD to be pink if I was going to wear a shackle on my wrist.
And that’s what I’ve come to call it, my SHACKLE OF SHAME.
It basically shames me into getting off my ass and DO something. Even if it’s only walking around the house.

So far (day 2, snort) it’s working…..I’ll keep you posted…….


  1. Yes...since Apple TV came into our lives a few months ago...I find myself in the recliner WAY more than ever. Let me know if that shackle works for you. No...your hand does not look like that. Ummmm, I hope.

  2. I had a Jawbone Up. Was fun for awhile. Got to be a pain because you had to take it off, plug it in the microphone of your phone for it to update. Was an early version. Now it lives in a drawer. The biggest problem for me was shoving too much into my mouth. I really need a gag.

  3. i have a vivofit around here somewhere. i wore it for about a year then ran into syncing problems. oh, well.

    i need one that physically lifts my behind out of the chair and pushes me along. now that i would pay big money for!

  4. Don't take any risks. Remove it and return to the couch immediately! That's immediately!!

  5. Lol. I move a bit. I look at Facebook then walk, then look at Facebook.....I've got to do more but I am not ready for the shackle of shame quite yet lol. Of course it had to be pink!


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