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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Inner Critic Rears His Ugly Head…Once Again

And here’s how it goes:
Get scathingly brilliant idea.
Revel in the wonderfulness of the scathingly brilliant idea.
Think about scathingly brilliant idea for weeks.
Check. (This is not procrastinating! It is refining, developing, smoothing off the rough edges…..)
Start sketching out ideas of scathingly brilliant idea.
Amass a huge pile of loose papers with half started sketches.
Get stuck.
Surf the internet for direction and ideas to flesh out scathingly brilliant idea.
Start comparing yourself to the art of others you’re finding on the internet and feeling more and more insecure about yourself.
Start thinking your scathingly brilliant idea isn’t so scathingly brilliant after all.

And then, there he is….sitting on your shoulder whispering in your ear…..

“What makes you think you can draw? Who told you this was a good idea? Who is going to want to see anything you draw? It’s been done before! You’re a hack! You have no talent! Your art looks like an untalented child drew it! 
I’m going to make an inner critic doll that I can kick across the room when this happens.
I have no delusions that it will help to quiet him but I KNOW it will make me feel better! 


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