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Friday, April 22, 2016


As promised….this is where I finally said ‘uncle’ and called it done!
I’m NOT fishing for compliments!!! So please don’t!
I didn’t enjoy doing it.
It’s not my style.
I don’t like it.
And I doubt I’m ever going to try this type of painting again.
BUT….it’s all a learning process. Learning what you don’t like narrows down what you do.

And I thank Mindy Lacefield for the step through with her 'How to Paint a Face' deck of cards.

(I learned things from her cards I can use in other mediums and projects, so that’s good!)

Her expression pretty much sums up how I feel about it! lol


  1. I had that same experience when I took an art journaling class. My pages looked like the instructor/class, but not ME. Like you, I did learn stuff. Besides learning what I didn't like, I learned I needed to use my own voice.

  2. I just took a workshop that told me the exact same thing...what I Don't want to do...hence more of what I DO want. It was 2 days and I totally enjoyed playing both days with my group.

  3. When I look back at my early attempts at faces. I cant believe I had the nerve to post them for everyone to see. I've found it takes time to find a style you're happy with. I'm stll looking.

  4. it's hard taking any course and trying to find how to make the final art "YOU." I know what you mean. I have stacks of paper and sketchbooks from classes. Learn what you can and then make it your own.

  5. I think it's good to learn things!!. Great!!

  6. Yup - it is great to learn what we don't like, but at the same time so difficult to create when you aren't enjoying the process and don't like the finished piece. It has happened to me a number of times, and it makes me grouchy. Thanks for sharing and hopefully you have spent some time creating in your style (which I assume does make you happy) as you do that so very well.


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