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Friday, June 3, 2016

He's the BEST

Husband noticed since I bought my table top easel (50% off all easels at Michael's in case you want one) I was a bit crowded on my workbench. 
So he put up shelves for me! 
He's the best!!! 
And because I know you want a closer look at what's on my new easel.....
A page in what has become my 'I don't really care how it turns out' journal. 
It started out with splotches of bright inks but I didn't like where it was going so I gessoed over it and used one of the blind contour faces I drew as an exercise in the Yellow class. 
Then just played around with my Inktense blocks in a sort of 'dry brush' technique. 
I wasn't sure if I liked the outcome but she has grown on me! 


  1. What a great workstation, love all the things you have there ready to use too :)

  2. OMG!! I love to see your workspace. And I love your art page as well. Congratulations!!

  3. Oh, your workstation looks so inviting and inspiring!!!

    No wonder she's grown on you!

  4. Thanks for a peek into your workspace. I enjoyed having a snoop around.

  5. Yes, husbands come in handy every now and then ;-) Lovely workspace, and I love your dry brush technique!

  6. Yup, your hubster is a keeper. Shelves look great and your space is so tidy!

  7. I love her!!! I am just starting to get back into art journalling again and a page just happens to be on my art table calling me. Love your new space. Husband is definitely a keeper! :)

  8. Does he make house calls? I could use some shelves!! What a great space u have!


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