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Friday, July 1, 2016

Flash Fiction Friday

I hadn’t seen her in almost seventeen years. As a matter of fact I walked right past her. We were supposed to meet at the restaurant at six and I was running late. As I rushed up to the entrance I pushed past her to open the door. When I got inside it hit me that the woman I just rushed past had the same devious smile that she used to have.
I spun around and there she stood grinning from ear to ear.
She was at least half the size she used to be if not more.
I blinked.
“How did you do it?” I asked.
“I got sick.”
“Gut busting, vomit spewing, come to Jesus sick.  And afterwards it was like the illness hit my reset button. I couldn’t eat.”
In all the conversations we’d had over the years, on the phone, texting, messaging, she never once mentioned that she was dieting. Not even a hint.

And I had to admit, as I sat across the table from her, I was just a little jealous.


  1. Don't worry. She'll pack it back on. (-;

  2. you are an amazing writer!! is there anything you can't do??

  3. Nice little story. Hope Flash Fiction Friday becomes a regular feature.


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