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Friday, July 29, 2016

Still Pluggin’ Away

I’m still working on my series in the ‘Y’ class. I started out with ‘the scathingly brilliant idea’….that devolved into utter mess. Then I bounced around with other concepts….that ended up being ‘meh’. Finally came back to the original one.
So that’s where I am, still pluggin’ away at it. Sometimes it works and sometimes…..not so much. Lol

IMHO this is a ‘not so much’. I’d sure hate to run into her in a dark alley. She looks like she’s itching for a fight! I’m going to just stay out of her way!
(file it under: 'sometimes it works and sometimes there's this' lol)


  1. She doesn't look so angry to my eyes, just a bit attitude ;)

    I have been lazy, done no art during summer!

  2. Sometimes what someone perceives as a resting bitch face is just a person thinking about all that has to get done in the day.

  3. She's a very interesting character...but I think I'm with you. I wouldn't want her looking at ME!

  4. Yes she's got attitude but I think she turned out great.

  5. I agree she has attitude.... and there is nothing wrong with that! Love her hair!

  6. i love the blue hair! she does have some attitude...i do believe she could kick some asp if she wanted to!

  7. I like her! She looks like she is fed up with something (or someone...)


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